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I really like the artwork of this. But honestly - i don't like it how musicians are animated. This is some kind of 8-bit-ish music and the drummer/guitarist etc. does nothing but rock on their instrument. Especially the drummer does nonsense stuff. As a musician, i feel very uncomfortable watching this. As i do watching many other cartoons/animation doing the same (because the author doesn't have a clue how instruments work, i guess). Tom and Jerry did this very well imo. But this.. i do not like.

Very good work at 0:52ish, snare / tom video sync.

Nice animation!
Constructive Critisism part:
Though i didn't like the music transition at 1:15. It really didn't merge over or whatsoever, it seems like you didn't even make a cross fade or something like that. Also the White Noise at 1:37 killed my ears and the explosions were also too loud (i could hear this crackle sound).

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where can i get the music from the first level/stage?

balancing issues!

from wave ~6-10 it was damn hard! after wave 15 it was easy as a pie, bossfight was awesome


look you can see the titanomachina before the title screen!
titanomachinima was posted way after this submission! awesome

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Good ideas, but i think you need more work on that drop :) sounds a little overpresent at ~0:55, but the idea is great.

Laydran responds:

Thx! I will try to make better songs in the future! Glad you noticed the song! I am also using the demo version of FL Studio..

What happened to the end? kind of ending too fast. I liked the melodic transition at 01:00++, really pumping, good compression

SWeissenP responds:

Unfinished as much other songs! I am lazy :)

a like the whole progression and that chip-tuney sound in the beginning. when the bass kicks in it totally blows me away! awesome track! "glitch hop" really fits here!
"Studying, job, chores, family, you name it" i know what you speak of!
how much time did you need for this track? it sounds so spicey, dayum!


Obelion responds:

I can't really reconstruct how many hours I spent on this. My sessions are usually between 2 - 3 hours, and I spent like 3 or 4 sessions on it. That would work out to 6 to 12 hours.
But one or two sessions were a little bit longer, as I hinted in the description and the song title. :P

I'm glad you liked it!

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Looks a little chubby but it's great! I really like the composition of the colours


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